Private Tenancies Act Section 8 coming into force on 1 September

The Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2024 set the standards for the number and type of alarms that must be installed in privately rented properties. Once they come into force, letting agents and landlords will be responsible for installing and keeping alarms sufficient in any property they rent out.

The rules will apply to new tenancies from 1 September 2024 and all other private tenancies from 1 December 2024.

Where and how many?

A property must have a minimum of one:

  • heat alarm in every kitchen
  • smoke alarm in the main living area (usually the living room or lounge) and circulation space
  • carbon monoxide alarm in each room or circulation space that has a gas appliance other than a gas cooker (for example a gas fire or a boiler)

If a smoke alarm is more than 7.5 metres from any point in the room then another alarm must be installed.


At the start of any tenancy, the letting agent or landlord must confirm that the tenant is satisfied all alarms are in working order. There must be a record of when alarms are installed or replaced, and a copy should be given to the tenant.

Tenants must be advised they need to test the alarms once per week and report any faults as soon as possible. Once a fault is reported, or when an alarm is due to be replaced, the letting agent or landlord must take remedial action.


Failure to comply with the regulations is an offence and negligent landlords or agents could face legal proceedings. Fines could be as much as £2,500.

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