Online Property Investment

What is Investabrix?

Investabrix provides one of the world’s first fully integrated digital property crowdfunding platforms, bringing the speed and simplicity or security online technology to the world of property investment.

As an established property management company, we fulfil this growing need in the property investment market and, as such, are the developers of the soon-to-launch multi-platform, crowd funding property investment App, designed with the aim of servicing a far wider requirement than traditional stocks or shares, and providing more flexibility and functionality than current crowdfunding property investment sites.

How We Work

Our primary business is buying properties or land off-market e.g. at auctions and through receivers. These properties are then offered to crowd-funders. Some properties may require repairs before being offered for investment but this will maximise the value of property over purchase price.

Crowdfunders will be able to securely login to fund, make, check and sell investments from wherever they are, at any time of night or day. All documentation and transfers of monies are made online and in accordance with financial regulations.

Crowdfunders will benefit from share in returns in rental income, from increase in property values when sold and the sale of their shares on the secondary market if they decide to sell before a schedule ‘keep or sell’ vote.

Crowdfunded Investing

Property is viewed by many as a safer investment than stocks and shares. For some belief groups, including Muslims, the charging of interest means they cannot take out mortgages while property investment with its returns from rental income is acceptable.

Crowdfunded property investment is growing and is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority; many young investors are keen to get on the property ladder, even if they cannot afford their own home and reviews of crowd funding sites by investors are by and large positive.

Investing Safely

The property investment business model has a number of built-in factors making it resilient to the most likely risks;

Housing price crash – this might mean it would take longer to sell properties and that values would fall and might impact on secondary markets for those wanting to sell their shares before a property is sold by the company. However, rental income will continue both to cover any mortgage for the company and as a return for investors; buying properties away from London and other property hot spots minimises potential losses in value. All investors will be aware that property values can rise and fall. A balance of commercial and residential properties will be maintained.

Brexit – the lack of homes in the UK means demand will continue to outstrip supply even if some EU citizens do decide to leave. According to a report in the Daily Telegraph on line last year “more than five million new homes could have to be built in England in the next 25 years to cope with the impact of the ageing population, immigration and the singleton lifestyle,” suggesting that there will continue to be a demand for many years to come.

Changes to buy-to-let/rental caps – recent and proposed tax and regulatory changes around residential buy to let mean commercial properties are becoming increasingly attractive. However, the demand for rental properties, means that residential buy to let remains an attractive investment.

Commercial downturn – a diverse portfolio across offices, shops, restaurants, warehouses, light and heavy manufacturing and other classifications help build resilience

Cyber security – the highest levels of cyber security are integrated into the system to ensure privacy and safety.

Our Clients

Online Crowdfunding Property Investment appeals to a broad variety of clients, and each with their own good reason for trusting this growing trend. So who are they?

Millennials, looking to build savings for a deposit for a home. Low interest rates mean traditional bank-based saving routes are unattractive and they are increasingly looking to the alternative investment markets to help grow their money. This group of investors is most likely to be interested in short- medium term investment where they can withdraw their moneys once they have reached a deposit goal.

Professionals (with £5-10k) looking for better returns than traditional savings accounts and perhaps saving for particular goals (school/ college fees, wedding funds, retirement). More likely to be looking for medium term investments.

Established investors (with more than £50k to invest) looking to medium and long term.

Pensions and investment companies also looking to the long term.

Ethical investors – e.g. Muslim and other groups for whom mortgages are not an option.

Foreign investors – there is an strong overseas market for properties in the UK. For some owning properties in the UK can bring benefits for UK business or residency requirements.

Investabrix App

Flurry Analytics reports average time that people spend on smartphones and tablets each day is 158 minutes. Out of these 158 minutes, 127 minutes are spend browsing mobile apps and only 31 minutes are spent browsing or visiting websites.

People are spending more time on mobile apps, for everything from shopping, and banking to organising their social lives.

The Investabrix App is being developed to offer all the investment ease and transparency of web sites portals and; – Can be shared with friends easily, the talking point of social gatherings. – Added mobility to make investing at a time that suits the user. – Added alerts and easy transfer functions.

Our platform is free for investors

We believe in making our platform accessible for all and do not charge our members any fees for signing up or investing with us. Instead, we charge the fees to those partners who list opportunities with us.

Launching Soon!

Investabrix App

Our App offers all the investment ease and transparency of web sites and; Can be shared with friends easily, creating a social buzz as an easy talking point in social gathering. – Has added mobility to make investing at a time that suits easier. – Added alert and easy transfer functions.

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